Whether you reached this site via a link I or someone else shared, or you happened to stumble upon it all on your own, I hope you realize this:

1)It’s not here to impress anyone.

2)Despite the main title, this site has no theme- it’s contents are the contents of my mind at any given point, should I feel the urge to share them.

3)I am a rambler- but I’m not a fool: I won’t reserve my right to remain silent, yet nothing I say may be used against me in a court of law because all content is presumed to be fiction.

4)I won’t reserve my right to plead the fifth- though much of what I say most likely can and will incriminate me to those arrogant enough to pass judgment.

5)While I do care what you have to say, I’ll only respond if what you say is constructive or at least thought-provoking because your judgment doesn’t concern me!

And finally, if you actually know me- don’t assume any of this is about you! Writers are always given this advice: “Write what you know.” I am simply taking that advice. If you’re uncomfortable with any aspect of my personality or my creativity, then my advice to you is simple: forget that you know me!!! I almost certainly will never forget what I know of you.


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