Random Business Ideas

A club/venue focused on the next generation and their unique dreams, desires, beliefs and abilities. For folks on the spectrum & those with PTSD or anxiety issues which prevent them from feeling comfortable and safe in a common social setting, I want to utilize technology & ar capabilities to create highly unique and personalized experiences which can be enjoyed simultaneously in a shared common space without disrupting others in the venue outside of your immediate space.

I’d like to offer many options for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled equipment to be utilized, demoed, rented and/or purchased, as well as options within the system itself to listen to various virtual and/or physical djs & visual effects. Patrons enjoying the same experience/playlist etc. could easily find and recognise each other due to led lights in the headphones flashing in synchronized colors unique to each. This would allow for space within the venue to naturally fill/expand or diminish along with the natural flow of business and that night’s guests preferences. This type of atmosphere would also allow for more casual guests, say those watching a game or having a more intimate evening with friends or just wanting dinner & casual conversation in a fun, unique atmosphere to consider our establishment for their needs as well.

Expounding upon this concept, I’d also like a smaller room/venue to hold private events, group meetings or even classic “analog” club nights. I’d like to offer a reading/research corner for patrons desiring to learn something new or even just those who need a place to do their homework. I’d like to have a small library of select hard copies of works that expand the mind and provoke thought & conversation, as well as a handful of cubicle pc terminals & full high-speed Wi-Fi for any personal devices of the patrons.


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