Monthly Archives: March 2016


So much I’d like to say, but honestly: I’m too tired to even try anymore. You stopped listening long ago & even now you only hear what you want. And you respond far less still.

I’ve reinvestigated & realized that you were nothing more than a glitch in the Matrix: the result of my own indecision & poor choices. Why can’t I rid my soul of you even still!? As you so well pointed out: we haven’t truly connected in years, “literally years…”

Ah yes, now I remember: it is because I bound our souls years ago at a time in which hope was still very much alive. Could it be that this experience carried actual consequences? Who knows? But then, there was that one boy who pissed me off in eighth grade that one week I’d gone to my eccentric, ‘free spirit’ aunt’s house & we’d gotten books on magic at the library and made voo-doo dolls. He was absent that next week: fallen sick with abdominal pain. Hmmm…

But nah. That stuff is just hokum, right?

Think I need an exorcist to cast out your demons or angels or spiritual wtfever it is about you that consumes me. Cause I. Am. Tired. And I’m ready to move on.