The Proof

Alright already!!! Enough is enough!!! I woke up this morning with only ONE thing on my mind: that I MUST NOT forget to make it to THERAPY!!! And I made it alright: 23 hours and 15 minutes EARLY. Of course, in MY mind, I was 45mins LATE!!! But that’s a whole other story. I’m writing this because the SOLUTIONS are so BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that I can no longer IGNORE them- plus it’ll take like a decade or two for me to be able to PROVE IT GENETICALLY!!! (Although ya know- maybe it really COULD take me less than 9mos!!!)

As far as our MILITARY is concerned, WE MUST WITHDRAW FROM ACTIVE COMBAT BEFORE IT EVER COULD WORK!!! What we need is a NEW BRANCH OF SERVICE called (idk, hmm- lemme think about it…) the PEACE CORPS!!! We need to ENLIST VOLUNTEERS (like me…) who’d be the FIRST RESPONDENTS for a MISSION TO SAVE THE EARTH!!! These are people who’d be willing to SERVE HUMANITY AT ANY AND ALL COST, who’d vow to SEEK PEACE AND PURSUE IT BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, and are ready, willing & able to SACRIFICE THEIR LIVES TO SAVE not just OUR COUNTRY, but our ENTIRE PLANET as well. Obviously, this could eventually be a GLOBAL ORGANIZATION, but WHO’S GOING TO FOLLOW if none of us are WILLING TO LEAD!?

The next step would be to UTILIZE NATIONAL RESOURCES TO TRAIN THESE SOLDIERS HOW TO ELECTRIFY OTHER NATIONS so that THEY CAN COMPETE IN THIS GAME WE CALL LIFE! Draw up a PEACE TREATY with every such nation, stating that MILITANT FORCE will only ever be used if and/or when the INSURGENTS ATTACK FIRST!!! Once these civilians have gained a simple thing like ELECTRICITY (which, I might add, has become a NECESSITY here, just look it up: DCS can TAKE AWAY OUR CHILDREN if we’re unable to PROVIDE them with UTILITIES such as FUNCTIONAL INDOOR PLUMBING, WATER, POWER, HEATING & COOLING. If you think I’m kidding, think about this: my friend once told me that whenever her younger sister’s KUB would be about to get cut-off, she’d call DCS on herself because they paid her bill each time she did since it would cost far more in the long-run to actually TAKE AWAY HER KIDS!!!) they can easily LEARN how to get started on the rest. We need to stop bickering over what OUR OWN CIVIL RIGHTS should entail, and start eking out a CONSTITUTION FOR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS which can and SHOULD apply to our ENTIRE SPECIES if we have ANY HOPE OF PRESERVING it in its CURRENT ENTIRETY in either the PRESENT or, more importantly, the FUTURE!!!

See, I know I come up with a lot of THEORIES- what can I say: I’m a THEORETICAL PHYSICIST. But one theory that I KNOW could and WOULD COME TO FRUITION is the FACT that, if given the OPPORTUNITY, the MAJORITY OF PEOPLE would prefer a SIMPLE, PEACEFUL LIFE!!! In that respect, I’ll bet you DOLLARS TO DOUGHNUTS that, while not such a “glamorous job” now that WE’VE surpassed our own INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, if we helped them to BUILD SAFE, CLEAN & EFFICIENT FACTORIES, most of their CIVILIANS would jump at the chance to PROCESS OUR MEATS!!!

Personally, working in a meat-processing factory has, for at least three generations now, pretty much been MY family’s version of a “family business.” It’s where my mom’s father worked, where she went to work when she was knocked-up with ME at 19 and was no longer ELIGIBLE UNDER HIS HEALTH INSURANCE. It was where I went to work at 19 when I had CERVICAL CANCER and, of course, was NO LONGER ELIGIBLE under HER health insurance. It’s where we met our worst mistakes: the men we passed off as our daughters’ fathers, which led to our greatest blessings: her second son and my second daughter. Basically, it’s where we ENDED UP after having made horrible choices which led to our DEPENDENCE ON PRIVATE-SECTOR HEALTH INSURANCE!!! Of course, I could go on. But surely to M.H. you’re already PEACE-ing it together all by yourself. But if you need MORE inspiration, just watch the video I post to Facebook immediately after I’m done typing THIS post (only because I haven’t quite figured out how to do that and/or apparently haven’t bought the video upgrade required) and if after seeing that, you STILL HAVE DOUBTS, just do what I did immediately prior to posting this simply because I was curious as to what might come up: Google the phrase “what is the safest and most logical thing to do for humanity” and read the FIRST headline that pops up 😉

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