Landon’s Room

Stumbled upon this in an unrelated search- LOVE THE IDEAS!!! Just pretty sure I’ll probably never need them 😦

A Beautiful Mess

This past weekend I started to have a freak-out session (I might be exaggerating a little bit here, but I did realize that time is passing me by quickly). My little Landon is not so little anymore….ImageOn Monday, Dave made Landon’s crib into a “toddler bed”. It hit me that I never really captured his nursery in pictures…and we worked HARD on his nursery. Turning the crib into a big boy bed really didn’t change it much, it just made me get on the ball to take pictures of his room so we won’t forget it….sooooo welcome to Landon’s room (soon to be Max’s and Landon’s room)

Let me first start by saying, babies could care less about de-popcorned ceilings and crown molding. Before having Landon, Dave and I did a lot of DIY projects around the house. The biggest project was our kitchen, but that is a whole…

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