Federal Minimum STARTING WAGE Proposal

First, utilize available technologies to compile available data of current existing jobs including levels of the following:

*MINIMUM education, experience, training, skill and/or talent required

*MAXIMUM immediate and/or long-term personal health and safety risks involved

*Average turnover rate of employees (higher rate = lower score)

*Potential for advancement and/or long-term earning potential of starting position

*Overall importance of position to society at large

Once the data is compiled and processed, all jobs can then be easily ranked into one of seven tiers. The lowest being those with the least overall in all categories up to the highest being the highest overall in all categories.

*All jobs which can be performed by minors automatically start as a Tier-1 position unless applicant is over 21, in which case- and at their employer’s discretion- they may be hired at the Tier-2 rate.

*This model is to include all salaried and/or hourly workers, the only exceptions being independent contractors and/or volunteers.

*All NEW JOBS created heretofore must first be evaluated and placed into the proper tier accordingly.

*No further changes are to be made to this model as it presents already the opportunity for a LIVING WAGE based on either advancement with current position OR pursuance of a HIGHER-LEVEL CAREER.

5.00USD Hourly MINIMUM or 10,400USD Annual MAXIMUM

7.50USD Hourly MINIMUM or 15,600USD Annual MAXIMUM

10.00USD Hourly MINIMUM or 20,800USD Annual MAXIMUM

12.50USD Hourly MINIMUM or 26,000USD Annual MAXIMUM

15.00USD Hourly MINIMUM or 31,200USD Annual MAXIMUM

20.00USD Hourly MINIMUM or 41,600USD Annual MAXIMUM

25.00USD Hourly MINIMUM or 52,000USD Annual MAXIMUM

*All NEW hires MUST accept this STARTING WAGE for their FIRST YEAR of employment, regardless of their performance.

*After ONE CONSECUTIVE YEAR of employment, each NEW HIRE must be evaluated based on their VALUE to the employer AS WELL AS their VALUE to their coworkers AND the people they serve: the CONSUMER.

*Anonymous consumer AND employee surveys MUST be utilized in compiling data for rating employee’s overall value in those areas.

*Those employees in ALL jobs who excelled in ALL areas would be the ones to ADVANCE in their careers the FURTHEST and the FASTEST.

*Employees who excel in one area but not so much in others would be able to advance as well, but by less until such time that they DO excel in ALL AREAS.

*Employees who do NOT excel in ANY areas would then either have to be terminated OR agree to work their SECOND year at the same rate of pay as their STARTING WAGE.

For example:
Tiers 1-2 would be REQUIRED to offer an increase of 10% for each area of EXCELLENCE after the first year of employment for a TOTAL POTENTIAL of a 30% INCREASE after their FIRST YEAR of work.

After that, annual increases of no less than 10% must be given based on the same criteria. Meaning: the employees who continue to excel in ALL areas MUST be increased at least 10% each year until reaching the TOP-OUT pay for their position while those who do NOT excel in ANY areas MUST continue to be held at the STARTING WAGE until such time that they DO. Employees who excel in two of the three areas MUST be increased at a rate of 7.5% annually while those who excel in only ONE area receive an annual increase of 5% until such time as their performance improves or they reach TOP-OUT PAY for their position.

*All employers have the option of determining their TOP-OUT PAY for each individual position within the company. This is the MAXIMUM EARNING POTENTIAL for said job.

*The MINIMUM TOP-OUT PAY for ANY position MUST be equivalent to the MINIMUM STARTING WAGE of a TIER-5 position (15.00USD hourly or 31,200USD annually.)

*The MINIMUM TOP-OUT PAY for Tier-3-5 positions MUST be equivalent to the MINIMUM STARTING WAGE of a TIER-7 position (25.00USD hourly or 52,000USD annually.)

*By this model, those working in TIER-1 positions MUST remain in those positions for a MINIMUM of 10 consecutive years BEFORE they can reach TOP-OUT PAY unless the EMPLOYER deems otherwise.

*Prior employment or experience DOES NOT GUARANTEE a HIGHER starting wage, although employers do have the option of starting at a higher wage based on experience AT THEIR DISCRETION! Employers are under NO OBLIGATION to take previous employment/experience into consideration when hiring for any position.

*Tiers 3-5 would increase at a rate of 25% minimum for those who do excel in ALL areas and a minimum of 10% for those who excel in one or more but not ALL areas. As always, employees who do NOT excel in ANY areas MUST ACCEPT to work for the STARTING WAGE until their next ANNUAL REVIEW.

*Tiers 6-7 would increase at a rate of 25%-100% based on the same criteria/annual review requirement.

*Federal AND Private student loans for those going into tier 6-7 positions MUST be deferred for at least the FIRST YEAR of employment.

By this model, someone aspiring to be a physician would understand- and agree to- a first-year salary of $52k with a second-year salary potential of $104k, etc.

Other benefits of this model:
*Incentive to strive for better and higher-tier long-term careers

*Easily weeds out those not really cut-out for specific jobs

*Prevents employer-bias

*Incentive for better performance and overall work-ethic

*Allows for more fairness in EVERY workplace

An original work by *crptnite*

All content is to be considered fictional and any likeness to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental- all truths are said in jest 😉

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