Love Unaware

I wish I was strong enough to let you know that
I wanna be strong enough to let you go, but
I know every song on the radio just
makes it feel wrong so I keep my head up.

I wonder if you even think about me, or
did you forget everything that I tried to be for
you. If you’d let me just show it, you’d see more:
I can be all that you want and could need- sure!

But can you let go and just let me be the
one that you need- one who sets you free? See:
I know your soul- spiritually we meet, he
takes me away to places I’ve never seen
(…and he’s never a bore!)

But you keep him locked up inside of your mind, you’ve
hidden him away so that no one can find who
you really are when the darkness sheds light to
illuminate the way to your heart that is like new-
because you’ve only used it a couple of times, too!

But you locked it up behind ice, thorn and vines to
keep it away from degenerate minds who
never appreciate it’s kind and aren’t kind to
a heart that’s truly one-of-a-kind (just like mine, too!)

And never deserved all the pain it got used to-
but kept right on loving despite getting used, too:
as long as nobody’s love was ever let in to
melt away all the ice and cause feelings again. Whew!!!

(So how’s that working out for ya!?)

I say let go of the pain and the past and the doubt!
Let go of the fear and let what’s inside out!
Cause what if love really is all it’s about?
What good has it done you avoiding that route?

Here we are with the scars of the love we cast out;
no one near, no one hears because we don’t scream or shout.
We just pretend it’s not there- this thing we can’t live without-
and give life to the fear that gives way to the doubt.

So why do you hide while I continue to cry?
And why speak to me in my mind when I’m high?
Why sever the ties that bind you and I?
And why leave me blind, begging just to know why!?

I think it’s because you still fear what’s to come.
And so you think it best to keep me on the run:
available to you when you’re ready for fun;
alienated from your life until your work’s done.

But there are consequences to keeping me at arm’s reach,
like mending the fences: replanting the seeds
of the plants torn by tension from not receiving my needs
or wants, wishes and desires fulfilled in the least.

I’ll give you an extension: as much time as you need
to heed my intentions in taming the beast
of your heart- not to mention your soul that must feast
on my mind and my body just so it can find peace.

I just need your attention, my fears to release!
What a novel invention: a love that won’t cease!

When you’re ready to steady the connection we share,
and not above showing love- or even that you still care,
when you’re out and about and are wondering where-
cause you find in your mind that I’m no longer there;

And you’re missing my kissing and are finally aware
that the whole of our souls know they belong together somewhere,
you’ll awake in a lake of my fire and won’t care:
just amazed I stayed blazed in your love unaware ❤

An original work by *crptnite*

All content is to be considered fictional and any likeness to any persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental- all truths are said in jest 😉

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