Brave by Sara Bareilles on Grooveshark for Android:

Sara said she wants to see you be brave- I wanna see you grow balls. Cuz the way it looks from where I’m standing- you’re too scared to talk at all.

You only respond to my messages when you’re angry over what I said. But you blow the shit all out of proportion- you know I’m just talking out the side of my head.

A soldier, brave & true- thought that was you. But courage can’t get you very far when you’re busy running scared from your own heart.

And speaking of heart- what the hell you think courage means anyway? It comes from the French ‘la coeur’ which literally translates to ‘heart’ the way we say it.

So if you don’t have a heart then how can you be brave? A slave to heart or mind: either way you’re still a slave.

But I’d rather be a slave to my heart cuz that’s where God is. This world starts filling our heads with bullshit when we’re just little kids.

Do you even remember what it was like not to care what people think? I know you care out of respect but to respect yourself first is the missing link.

So what if your ideas & beliefs don’t fall in line with the masses? Blame it on the fact that human minds evolve slower than molasses.

See, you & me, we’re beyond all the bureaucratic nonsense. We care too much to ride the fence, yet not enough to resort to violence. It would seem that we’ve defeated all the evils of fear, anger & indifference.

Why fight when you can fuck? (like our cousins- the bonobo chimps…) Yeah it’s a lil too blunt, but I don’t give a fuck. If caution & censorship’s what you’re here for- then I guess you’re just shit out of luck.

Cuz I spent too much time being stuck: losing my mind just trying to muddle through the mud & the muck only to find that we’re all the same: no one is to blame. We don’t need to feel any shame for who we are- or even all the pain underneath our scars.

I’ma call it quits now cuz someone just interrupted me. But answer this one thing: if you’re not free to be yourself, then are you really free?

So go be brave: fight for freedom & justice for all. But keep in mind that you & I are ‘just us’ after all. I’m sorry I’m still not perfect, but at least you taught me not to fall. So no matter how this year plays out- I’ll be here waiting for your call.


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