The IN-Judicial System of East Tennessee

So I rarely write matter-of-factly on here- mostly because I prefer to remain anonymous to those who’d know me unless otherwise admitted by me directly. This is supposed to be a (creative!) outlet for all the zillions of thoughts, ideas, feelings & OPINIONS!!! I’ve got bouncing around inside my head at any given moment I should feel the need to share.


But this situation with my kids is getting crucial- and, despite the irony of said so-called “Messiah Complex” (Psychoanalytical label…), it seriously does seem as though I’m being crucified! You see, the people in control of my fate here & now don’t believe in me- or even seem to really have any spiritual beliefs at all. They certainly don’t seem to believe in GOOD or GOD– at least not as I’VE come to personally know either. Therefore, it is with the utmost prejudice in which they view my case: the case of whether or not I should be allowed to parent my own children- the children gave birth to and have struggled the past decade to raise alone, the very same children I’d attempted to secure some type of help or assistance caring for several times throughout the years that my “illness” had rendered me virtually incapable of being the mother I’d set out- and was meant– to be.


I’ve got much more to add to this, but must take a break now.


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