Tying Up Loose Ends

I hate my life without you- I can’t seem to make it work. But I hate my life with you: you act like such a jerk.

You’re never there when I need you. You never even try. And you don’t even seem to care as to how often for you I cry.

I’m so sick of all this bullshit. Just wanna rip your heart out. And on your grave I will spit, as you don’t care what I’m about.

I only wish that I could hurt you half as much as you’ve hurt me. But rest assured I’ll reimburse you for all the pain you’ve caused in me.

I can’t stand to hear your name: it makes me feel like I’m insane. To ever think that you could care. But all along, were never there.

This poem’s sounding dumb. Or maybe I’m just numb. Don’t know who you think you are, but never thought you’d go so far.

I hate everything about you. Not even sure why I didn’t doubt you.

But rest assured that I am done: I realize you never were my “one.”

1 thought on “Tying Up Loose Ends

  1. JUST FOR THE RECORD: I obviously was venting these things so as to NOT say them directly TO YOU!!! I’d forgotten I’d written it, but was so disturbed by it when I did- I labeled it “PRIVATE!”

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