Idk wtf

I wanted to take you inside of me & make you feel all the things that I see- like how much better this world would be if there were a person half you & half me.

I wanted to bring you to ecstasy while building within you strong feelings for me so that you’d never deny what your eyes can’t see and know for a fact that I’m where you should be.

I wanted to give you more than you deserve by letting you access my every curve and then hear you say- though it may sound absurd- that you can’t help but hang on my every word.

I wanted to tell you how much I adore whenever you’re here, and how I abhor when you aren’t near: can’t take anymore.

I miss you like crazy, I desperately do. You astound & amaze me, you scare me some too.

Cuz whenever you’re near, I can’t help but feel you. But my biggest fear is that you don’t feel me too.

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