A Tale of Two Christies

I somehow made it through over 28 years unaffected by you.

Now I’m not saying that they were all good: chaos ensued a bit more often than it should.

But the best and worst of times my heart has ever known did not occur until you came, and then again when you were gone.

Never had I experienced a passion or love so strong; and neither did I grieve a loss or heartbreak as long.

I know I cannot have the best, lest willing to endure the worst. So I’m ready and willing to take both because I know that you were first.

Now it seems to me you’ve given up: but let it not be said that I gave up on you; I’d most gladly take the worst with, over my best day without you.

So when I claim to love you, please believe it to be true. I’d much prefer to endure the worst, than never know the best in lack of you.

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