Lonely Girl Rap

You take what you want when you want, then push me away when you don’t.

Mixed signals leave me confused so eventually, I begin to feel used & abused.

You said you’re not down for a relationship but we can’t have a conversation for shit without it turning into an argument cuz I get mad & say some shit I never meant then I’m left wondering where our friendship went cuz I’m being ignored til my emotions are spent.

Just cuz I never denied all that I feel inside, in spite of your pride, doesn’t mean you should hide!

Maybe I’m wrong- I thought you were strong & it felt like I belonged cuz we been at it so long.

I’m tired of being the strongest that I’ve ever known: been soldiering on since before I was grown.

I’d take out a loan just to buy you a throne but instead of a king, I guess I need a clone cuz I’m still always finding myself all alone when all it would take is a call on the phone.

Guess I waited too long cuz now you’re not home. But fuck it, I’m grown & I’m not gonna spend one more night on my own: should’ve picked up the phone.


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