Out of Mind Experience

So I was chilling with a friend the other night when I had yet another “out of mind” experience. It’s like an “out of body” experience, only I am so in tune with my body that I feel every little physiological reaction to the extreme.

For example: he turned on Pandora and put it on a hip-hop shuffle then went out to walk his dog. While he was gone, my mind’s perception of the lyrics became metaphorical & so intense that I physically felt heat rising inside my body- to the point that the top of my head felt as if my hair had become flames burning on my scalp. I won’t repeat what those “messages” were urging me to do. I know it was simply a test of sorts. I suppose I passed: I refused to give in either by leaving or succumbing in an effort to alleviate discomfort I felt physically, as a result of what I was experiencing mentally.

At one point, after he’d come back, I began seeing his television screen in 3-D. I asked if it was even a 3-D capable model- it was not. Then at another point, my heart began this intense pounding as if it were going to beat right out of my chest: like in cartoons when a character seems to fall “in love” with another & you can see their heart protruding from their chest. My visuals morphed to match this scenario as well- it was quite disturbing.

I’d had similar experiences before & found myself in some very strange places and situations trying to just make sense of it all. But this time, I just sat still- waiting for it to pass: the “messages” made no logical or rational sense in that moment and, though I physically felt compelled to act on them, it wasn’t justified in my logical or emotional mind. So I took no action whatsoever.


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