This Is Why It Hurts…

So you know how every time we’ve ever “hooked up,” you’ve become so cold & distant afterwards? It’s like there’s this huge buildup of innuendo, culminating in the briefest of visits, then nothing: I barely hear from you for several weeks to months or even more.



It hurts cuz you don’t call me & I feel like you don’t care.

It’s hurts cuz you don’t miss me- like you’re glad when I’m not there.

It hurts cuz idk when/if I’ll ever see more of you.

It hurts cuz idk if/whether you still wanna see me too.

It hurts cuz idk if somehow you’ve been disappointed.

Like maybe I’m not enough for you cuz I’m not double-jointed!

It hurts cuz sex is just one aspect of how we should connect.

It hurts cuz I often break my neck to give the sex that you expect.

It hurts cuz I’m not sure you care or that you even miss me.

It hurts cuz the last time you were here, you didn’t even kiss me.

It hurts cuz you want so little when I give so much more.

And cuz my heart is caught in limbo- wondering if I’m just your whore.

So, from now on- if you wonder why I send so many texts: it’s cuz I need to know that we’re still FRIENDS & I’m worth more to you than sex!

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