The Butterfly That Emerged (From The Rose That Grew From Concrete)

Remember the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? It pushed through the harshness of adversity, determined to see the sun. But it’s journey wasn’t yet complete, it had only just begun.

Although it had surfaced, it’s beauty in full bloom, buried deep within the rose was a tiny cocoon.

Here lied the life-force, the strength it would need to develop as a rose in a sea of concrete and weeds.

How it got there, no one knows- not even the rose. Guess this just happened to be the one that God chose.

But it laid there protected, nestled deep in the bloom. And it grew undetected- like a child in a womb.

When it had learned all it could in a place without light, it began struggling to break free- but was afraid to take flight.

Without guidance, it was fighting- all alone with itself. ‘Til it poked one tiny hole and began calling for help.

Along came a bee, busy sowing his seeds, who was drawn to this rose which stood out from the weeds.

He flew into the petals to gather it’s pollen, but as he got deeper, heard the tiny voice calling.

“Relax!” said the bee, “Soon you’ll fly just like me! But first you must struggle- only you can break free! I’d save you if I could, but you must know one thing: it takes the pressure of the struggle to develop your wings! But should you ever make it- and I suggest that you try, I believe you will emerge a glorious butterfly!”

His words gave her hope and the courage to persevere. Then he left her to struggle and face down her fears.

It took several tries, but she finally got it right: first one hole, then another- she was determined to take flight!

One day she finally emerged and spread her beautiful wings! Then set off to find the bee because she knew she was his queen- though she didn’t know how or where or why: for she had come from the ground and he came from the sky.

When she finally caught his attention, he just looked at her and smiled. He said, “Did I forget to mention: I dig chicks who are wild!”

Where the wind would take them, neither of them knew. And neither did they care- they just had fun as they flew!

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