Wish you’d quit being a douche and just get over yourself already: tired of being ignored. Not by you: used to that already. But for some weird reason, every time YOU quit talking to me, something in the Universe & all it contains somehow shifts and suddenly the ONLY ones who reach out to me are the ones I was trying to ignore because they were trying to pull me away from you. So wtf?

Maybe I AM just crazy or whatever. But when coincidences continue to occur repetitively over time, they’re no longer considered coincidental: they are then termed correlated & science attempts to discover, prove and REVEAL their relation! When an unfavorable outcome is at stake, it is how we determine PREVENTION! When outcomes are favorable, it is then reportable as a scientific FACT that we should do more of one if we desire more of the other.

But you are not a monkey so I don’t have legal authority to manipulate your brain for the purpose of testing my hypothesis. I can only continue observing- and making note of- the circumstances & coincidences that occur.

But this is like the twelfth time this same EXACT coincidence has now occurred. What do you think other scientists would infer from results such as these, hmmm…?

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