I’m A Little Teapot…

She said I could vent to her if need be. But what good would “venting” do if I’m only confiding in HER what I really need to express to YOU!?

For example: why should SHE care that I think you’re making a huge & devastating mistake? What would SHE do with the knowledge that we were what was originally meant to be? How would confessing to HER all the secrets of MY heart ever take back the damage & give us another start? It won’t.

Is it that you never cared or that we never even tried? I just can’t find it anywhere: lost in this ocean I have cried. It has eluded me since I first laid eyes on your mysterious smile. The truth is what I seek, but hasn’t surfaced in a while.

Were my instincts somehow wrong or are you just ignoring yours? I’ve not seen you in so long, and it was all behind closed doors. So is it you I really know? Or how you wanted to be known? I wish you’d give the blow-by-blow. But still I’m treated like a child- you refuse to see how much I’ve grown. You refuse to look at me at all, or else you glance but never see: I’m the one who scaled your wall. That pain in your heart is only me.

I never meant to be a pain or cause you any type of stress. But in a way I can’t be blamed: your silence put me in duress. I know you think I’m crazy and that this is all a game. It really does amaze me how it is you feel no shame. Blame it all on me, I dare you to. But remember this one thing: I’m the angel who took better care of you; you’re not the only one with wings.

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