life is suffering

Genius…especially the last line 😉


ladies and gentlemen if you want to truly be a success on this earth
heres what you must do
1st youve got to cut out the coffee when you wake up
its just a sugary kick in the balls to that devil in you
fuck your lazy body
don’t give that mother fucker sugar
2nd you’ve got to start smoking weed when you wake up
now, i know what you’re thinking
hes trying to be funny
i’m dead serious
5-6ish am your spirit is a wet noodle
you gotta get aligned son

the mind/body dilemma
do you ramp your day up with coffee for the body
or a little bit of love for the mind
just to balance yourself out, ya know
you can be an asshole for the whhhhhhole remainder of the day
i’m just asking for about 7 minutes of your time
and i’m not saying get stoned…

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