And still- you got me…

So much for me calling you with my heart: yesterday I tried to lay down to rest. I was all worked up over something totally unrelated to you. But even a double dose of my anxiety pills couldn’t slow my heart rate enough to relax: in fact, it only started pounding harder. Suddenly my mind was pulled to the various subliminal messages I’d tried hard to ignore all day: messages telling me to swallow my pride and make amends. An overwhelming sense of urgency rushed over me and I could barely breathe. I laid there trying to calm myself down- fighting it with everything I had: I was determined not to give in this time. As my heart was pounding even harder than the time I overdosed on caffeine pills, I started thinking of what I could say to try to put things right and relieve myself of this pressure I felt. But all I came up with was ??? Then I said you were right and the instant I hit ‘send’ I felt relief: my heart stopped pounding, I caught my breath and fell sound asleep. Please explain to my brain how it is you still get to my heart? And show me the way to reach yours…

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