Facebook Faux Pas

Wow what a morning! I woke up with a poem that wouldn’t stop running through my head. So I got up to post it but checked my phone instead. (I hate it when I start to rhyme: it’s so annoying but so hard to quit- see there? Had to force myself not to end that statement with “time.” Thanks a LOT Dr. Seuss!!! Ugh…)

Anyhoo, on my phone was a FB notification & out of habit, I clicked. I was then sucked back into the vortex of a status feed from yesterday which had started with a post stating that bf/gf status isn’t meant to last forever- husband & wife is. Now, this person is actually a close friend of mine, mind you: meaning our friendship exists in the physical world as well- not just cyberspace. Yet the discussion got so heated that he unfriended me!!! I’m not sure if I’ve ever been unfriended before by someone I’m still friends with in real life, but I made that mistake myself a few years ago & now I really see just how petty & childish I must’ve seemed at the time.

Idk where I’m going with this- just kinda rambling it out for now so I can get back to serious work. But any thoughts on either topic? Should ppl make “casual commitments” or should we remain committed only to ourselves until we find the one we know we can commit to for life? And what about unfriending & being unfriended? Is it a powerful statement or a petty retort? Hmmm…

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